Notes from the Waxhaws


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It had been on the verge of snowing most of the day. There were a few flurries mixed in with the rain…but nothing substantial. Then…shortly before six in the evening…I heard a rush of blustery wind from outside. When I looked through the window, there was a veritable blizzard occurring right before my eyes! Large snowflakes whipping about every which way. There was even an unexpected flash of lightning…soon followed by a loud clap of thunder. Thundersnow! A rare kind of thunderstorm with snow falling instead of the usual rain.

Driving home from work yesterday, it was a balmy day in the sixties, with spring in the air. Surprisingly, I even noticed some redbud trees in bloom. But this evening…my little corner of the world is covered in a fluffy blanket of pure white…and not quite ready to wake up.

Written by Jim

February 16, 2013 at 8:02 pm

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