Notes from the Waxhaws

First light

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I look outside the window on this chilly morning…frost clinging to every blade of grass…the russet tones of a world slowly winding down…a world in decline. With a  log burning in the fireplace…in this quiet house, I’m reminded that we all began this journey together. John O’Donohue, in Four Elements, writes about the very beginning of the universe…the very first moments of the Big Bang…of a ‘terrifying beauty’ emerging from that tiny, primal space.

And yet there was a moment when the whole cosmos was infinitely compressed and tiny. It is hard to imagine that a cosmos that now extends into infinity was once so tiny. Imagine the infinity of possibility that was compressed within that tiny space. This primal explosion must have had endless passion.

All that I see on this morning…the trees limned with the day’s first sunlight against a pale blue sky…the now withering geranium on the porch, still with a few fragile, pink blossoms in spite of the killing frost. And the fire in the hearth…but a faint echo of that first moment billions of years in the distant past. We all began this journey together…in a single, tiny point of light that held within itself all the potential and possibility of this present moment. What lays before our eyes is indeed, a terrifying beauty.

Written by Jim

November 17, 2012 at 7:58 am

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