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I woke up wanting a small miracle. Just something to get me going on a Monday morning. I have to admit that there are still times when this darkness overwhelms me. So…when I took Belle out this chilly Autumn morning, I looked up into the sky. Orion was overhead…its stars brilliant against a faint field of thousands of other stars.

Can you just give me a little sign? Something to let me know that you’re still there?

I silently asked this in a heartfelt manner…and stared up…hoping for something…for a shooting star to cross my field of vision…for anything at all. I stood there for a few minutes…but nothing. Belle and I went back inside.

Later…when I arrived at work, I began unpacking the backpack that I took on my recent trip. I took my laptop computer out of its sleeve in the pack, then reached down and grabbed the cable and lock that’s used to secure the laptop to my desk…so that nobody walks off with it. As I took the cable out, I noticed that something was not quite right. The lock…a cylindrical combination lock, was not attached to the cable. I stared at the little eye hook at the end of the plastic-coated steel cable. Reaching down into the pack…at the very bottom…I found the lock…lifted it out…and stared at the lock in one hand…and then at the cable in my other hand…completely baffled.  There’s a little metal pin in the lock, around which the eye hook of the cable is trapped…or should be trapped. The pin was still in place…and I stood there for a while trying to figure out just how they became separated.


It didn’t take long at all before it dawned on me…and of what I’d asked for earlier in the morning. Although I didn’t get a star shooting across the heavens…I’ll gladly take what was given to me…wide-eyed and with wonder. In my mind I heard Sharon saying, “Don’t worry about everything…just enjoy life!”

For the rest of the day…an incredible lightness in my spirit. In the afternoon, driving home in silence…a most beautiful early Autumn day…where every single thing glimpsed glowed warmly from within…complete and peaceful in being itself.

Written by Jim

September 24, 2012 at 8:17 pm

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