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Happy endings

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After spending the week in Southern California…touching down late last night in Charlotte…today I have this floating, disembodied feeling as I move about. Here…but not here.  Physically here…but mentally in a different time…a different space. It usually takes a day or two to catch up…to get back into sync. But in the meantime, I’m enjoying the sensation. Sensory overload…the green of the trees…the rich, organic scent of the soil in the air.

I picked up Belle at the kennel this morning. I was wondering how she would do…first time by herself. But evidently, she did great. She always gets a lot of attention from the good ladies at the kennel…and I’m sure she enjoys that.  Even greeted me with a stylish new haircut…


Spent the rest of the day in a quiet, expansive mood…reading and listening to music.  I came across this moving clip from one of my favorite films, Gladiator (an interesting note is that Lisa Gerrard wrote the song, Now We Are Free,  in her own private language…called idioglossia in technical terms…a language she has developed since the age of twelve).

I love happy endings. It’s good to be home again…

Written by Jim

September 22, 2012 at 5:44 pm

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