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At a loss

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Yesterday and today, a small group of coworkers and I ventured out to a local school in the city, to visit a fourth-grade class of ‘underprivileged’ children…to introduce them to things like maps…and global positioning systems…and general concepts of Geography…something we call geomentoring.  At one point, I was helping a group of girls…huddled around a table…trying to label a map of the United States. One little girl caught my attention. I could tell that she was trying to think of the names of the states…but looked completely lost. Her eyes looked so tired and vacant…like she was carrying the weight of the world…and at such a young age. I was glad when I later randomly picked her name for one of the giveaways that we had brought with us…a tote bag. Her eyes lit up when I gave her that simple little gift…

When I took Belle outside this evening, I had to stand and just stare up at the sky. Trying to think of words to describe what I was seeing…but feeling at a complete loss. A front of cooler air had just passed through the area…with rolling thunder and a prodigious amount of rain. Now…a soft, hazy, pale blue sky behind gray cotton batting slowly drifting to the southeast…with pinkish/orange highlights from the sun which had just set below the horizon. And in the east…partially hidden by pines…a dim apparition of a rainbow slowly vanishing…a single arc of  red…fading to gray.

Written by Jim

June 1, 2012 at 9:28 pm

Posted in Musings, Nature

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