Each day now is

the first…or the last.

Each morning begins

by settling into the day.

Watching the day

for what it is…right now.

Watching the day unfurl

and evolve…from moment to moment.

Each day ends

by simply letting it all go.

Dancing in the rain

When I took Belle out in the evening twilight yesterday, she started pulling me…trying to make a beeline towards the woods. I wondered what she saw…or smelled…or sensed. Then I heard the sharp snap of a dry twig. We both kept our distance, but stood silently, and peered into the darkening woods. I then saw a distinctive silhouette moving slowly among the trees…a white-tailed deer. Belle started barking…and our visitor darted off deeper into the woods. I’ve occasionally seen deer before in the area…usually leaping across the road in front of my car. This is the first that I’ve seen so close to the house…but I’m sure they must come near during the night. I immediately thought of getting a bag of ‘deer corn’ to attract them…then thought better of that idea after doing some research. Feeding deer is not a good idea…they get accustomed to, and may get dependent upon the handouts…and it’s really not good for them anyway. They’re also carriers of ticks that can harbor some pretty unpleasant diseases, such as Lyme disease. So…I think we’ll just admire these beautiful animals from a distance when we get the chance.

Last night I awoke to the sound of thunder…and pouring rain. One of those non-lethal…slow moving thunderstorms that I love to listen to in the darkness. We needed a good watering. Summer has indeed arrived this past week with its accompanying sultry heat. This morning, everything outside was wet and green…and I could almost hear a collective sigh of relief…even the air was filled with a cool and refreshing vapor.

I stopped in at Lowe’s early this morning to return something, and happened upon these words of wisdom staring up at me from a bin of wall art. They seemed very appropriate…


Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass…

It’s about learning to dance in the rain.

~Vivian Greene

A new world

Middle of June…this past week a string of beautiful, warm days…and cool nights. It was a good morning to sit out on the porch with Belle…cup of coffee in hand…just enjoying the beginning of the day. There was sweet birdsong coming from just within the woods…a song I’ve not heard here before. Mellifluous flute-like tones, with trills in between. We were being graced with the presence of a Wood Thrush…singing in the morning. Thoreau said of this bird…

“Whenever a man hears it he is young, and Nature is in her spring; wherever he hears it, it is a new world and a free country, and the gates of heaven are not shut against him.”

~ Henry David Thoreau

Left behind

It’s been a little over a month since Tinker left us. Not that I’m counting days, or anything like that. This evening I opened the drawer in the coffee table, looking for something, and instead found a dog comb…complete with a large tuft of Tink’s cream-colored fur in it. I was somewhat taken aback…but managed to carefully separate the fur from the comb…and put the clump of fur back in the drawer.

Belle hasn’t been herself since she lost her constant companion for the past eleven years. When I take her outside, she just stands and stares at me with a distant look in her eyes. This past week I’ve been nursing her while she’s been having a sore hip…having to carry her out and back. She seems better the last few days though…making it down the steps without a problem. But I still carry her up so she doesn’t aggravate her little hip joint.

I’ve been giving some thought to getting some company for her…but then again, I’m not sure how she would adapt to a strange dog in the house.  It might lead her to withdraw a little more. So…right now, I just try to give her a little more attention when I’m home.

It’s been about a year and a half since Sharon left me behind…and at times I feel like a rock that’s been buffeted about in a turbulent, fast-moving stream.  The painful, hard edges are slowing wearing away…but the essence of the rock still remains. Even though the rock is getting smoother…it’s still a rock…and will be for a very long time.

A blessing

Life has its ebbs and flows.  A blessing…for all of you who need one. And we all do…

Deep peace of the running wave to you
Deep peace of the flowing air to you
Deep peace of the quiet earth to you
Deep peace of the shining stars to you
Deep peace of the gentle night to you
Moon and stars pour their healing light on you
Deep peace of Christ, of Christ
The light of the world to you
Deep peace of Christ to you

~ John Rutter, A Gaelic Blessing

Your song is gone so soon…

“…when I run dry…I stop a while and think of you.”

~ Simon & Garfunkel, So Long, Frank Lloyd Wright

It”s really funny how the mind works. Today I’ve been thinking of, and humming, an old favorite song of mine by Simon & Garfunkel. A strangely sweet song…about architect Frank Lloyd Wright…who always was an inspiration to think differently. Along with it, a feeling of nostalgia…and a slight case of homesickness. This evening…I happened to do a search on him, and found to my amazement, that today is his birthday. So…here it is. Happy Birthday Frank…

In the light of this radiance

“For in the light of this radiance all else is forgotten, all that preoccupies and troubles us, all our pain and dismay. It is not that they are excised or erased, but…our pain becomes part of something larger than ourselves, and is transfigured.”

~ Maggie Ross, Writing the Icon of the Heart: In Silence Beholding

Looking out the window this morning, I noticed four mourning doves in the drive…pecking at tiny stones amid the gravel. I quickly grabbed my binoculars to get a closer look…perhaps parents and their young. While it was nice to see this family outing, what was in the grass behind them was simply something I’ve never seen before. Brilliant points of light…each the purest of red, yellow, orange, green, or blue…appearing like tiny jewels…or the lights of some long-hidden fairy village. Drops of dew…caught in the early morning sunlight at just the right angle. But even knowing that…still amazingly beautiful.

I’ve come to believe that, if we are anything, we are witnesses…eyewitnesses…of something and somewhere totally unexpected and gratuitous…of the universe that surrounds us. We have become, by our beholding, the very eyes of creation…privileged to gaze upon all that has been made…and all that is still in the process of becoming.

Beholding in silence, as Maggie Ross says, “…is not a matter of rejecting the particulars of creation but rather plunging into their deepest heart, allowing them wholly to draw our attention”.

Along the road…

Queen Anne's Lace

yellow flowers

pale blue flowers