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The last two days have been trying. Tinker woke up on Sunday morning…very lethargic…not wanting to eat…not able to hold down any water.  I was worried, and took her to the vet today to be checked out. After doing some blood work, it looks like some kind of infection. Could be hepatitis…or her gall bladder. So…she’s spending the night at the animal hospital on an IV. Tomorrow…I take her up to Charlotte for an ultrasound.

Shortly after Sharon and I bought this place in the woods…a young woman in the home group that we were attending at our church prophesied over us…saying that we would be growing something here. She had a strange, quizzical look on her face as if she didn’t know exactly quite what we would be growing…but she said it wouldn’t be plants…or vegetables…or anything like that. Sharon often wondered about that prophecy…but lately…I’m beginning to think that in the end…it was really meant for me. There’s definitely something growing here…and at times…it’s something that’s not very easy to comprehend. Sometimes…I feel as if I’m in a freefall…not knowing where I’m going to land.

An absolutely beautiful evening here in the Carolinas…long shadows slanting across the green grass. Many songbirds that still remain nameless. A cool, gentle breeze on my face. And underneath it all…a growing silence out of which all this is surely born.

And Belle…she goes about her business as usual. Sticking her snout into the leaves of a potted geranium…and looking for lizards among the wood pile. Living in the present moment with no difficulty at all. I have a lot to learn from her…

Written by Jim

May 7, 2012 at 6:59 pm