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I’m becoming a regular at the animal hospital in town. Seems like every Saturday, after I take the trash to the recycling center…it’s then off to the vet with one of the dogs. This week it was Tinker. She had to have her blood checked again to see if she was getting the proper dosage of Soloxine for her hypothyroidism. She’s also been scratching a lot lately, so I thought I would have the Doc look her over. Saturdays are walk-ins only…and when I opened the door to the clinic, it was packed with dogs and cats waiting their turn. There were three Pugs sitting next to Tinker and me. They had their eyes glued on us, and I half-expected one to break the ice and say, “Well what are you staring at?” Ever since I saw the movie Men in Black, Pugs give me the willies.

Everyone seemed to be amused by the way Tinker emits a growl whenever a BIG dog enters the room. For her diminutive size…she’s fearless. A big dog in a little dog’s body. And she’s not afraid to show her displeasure when other dogs get a little too familiar.

Two hours later…Tink and I were ushered into an examination room, where a young woman whisked her off to draw some blood. About twenty minutes later, the Doc came in and looked Tink over. “Probably springtime allergies”, he said…her skin being a bit reddish and inflamed, leading to the scratching. Short of going through the whole process of testing for specific allergies, we determined the best plan of action would be to give her that modern-day wonder drug…Benedryl (curiously, the Over-the-Counter drug Diphenhydramine is somewhat of a cure-all that helps relieve allergies, acts as a sleep aid…I take it myself sometimes…and can also be used by desperate parents to calm rambunctious toddlers. I find this strangely comforting…).

So…last Saturday, Belle and Tinker had an appointment at the dog groomers, where they got their Summer cuts…this Saturday, it was Tink to the vet…next Saturday will be Belle’s turn to get her bloodwork rechecked. The following week, I get to spend a long weekend chilling out with the monks at Mepkin Abbey…I can’t wait…

P.S. Last Sunday was Tinker’s birthday…eleven years old.

Written by Jim

April 14, 2012 at 6:16 pm

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