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At some point, you just have to surrender…and give up control. I used to get quite apprehensive about flying. I had to sit by a window…seeing where we were in relation to the Earth below…keeping my eyes fixed on the horizon. At night, I had to  see the lights of the cities and towns below. It was OK flying serenely above the clouds…but flying through them…buffeted about in the turbulence… was another story.

I picked up the girls at the kennel early this morning. They were glad to see me…to be going home again. We were both in strange places this week. Amy…who works at the kennel, told me that they recently lost their lease, and that they’ll be closing in a couple of months. She was devastated…saying that she finally had found something she loved to do…and that it would be hard being jobless. But, she had faith in God…even though at times she found it mighty hard to understand what He has in store for us. All I could do was to give her a hug and tell her to hang in there.

Lately…I’m learning to surrender…to give up being in control. I now prefer sitting in an aisle seat when I fly…and I find myself closing my eyes when taking off…and when landing. Learning to trust more. Late last night…descending through the rain clouds…I opened my eyes and looked out the window. A bejeweled city lay below…her lights twinkling through a fine gauze of  wispy clouds. This is home now. This is where I have to make a stand…and at the same time surrender…and trust that we’ll all make it through the storms…to a safe landing.

Written by Jim

March 24, 2012 at 6:53 pm

Posted in Musings, Travel

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