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Comets and flying monkeys

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Taxes are done…Yay! It’s amazing that the time we spend procrastinating and fretting over things that must be done is usually much longer than the actual time it takes to do whatever needs to be done. Ralph Waldo Emerson once said,Do the thing…and you will have the power.” I think he was right.

Yesterday morning, I took Belle in to the vet to get her shots in order for this year. I’m heading out to California next week, so the girls have to be up-to-date on their vaccinations to be in good standing at the kennel where I board them while I’m out of town. An unexpected surprise was that, during a consult with the doctor about some patches of rough skin on her back, the Doc recommended a geriatric panel of blood work be done, since (like TInker), she has the symptoms of hypothyroidism, which is somewhat common in Pomeranians. If that’s the case, it can be controlled with the same medication that Tinker is on now. I guess the three of us are destined to grow old together (the girls are both eleven). Although, I think that in the last year, I’ve spent more on veterinarian bills than on healthcare for myself. The vet bill from yesterday alone was three hundred dollars. I think we should lobby that pet care should be included in our health insurance programs. Later in the day, when I finally got around to sitting down and doing my taxes (it actually took less than an hour), I was seriously considering whether I should claim Belle and Tinker as dependents. On reconsideration, the IRS would probably end up flagging that for an audit.

So…having done the thing yesterday…today I have the power. I used it to sit out on the porch, feeling guilt-free, reading, and generally just enjoying the beauty of a cool, sunny day…the cerulean sky, only slightly smudged with some blurry cirrus clouds very high above the peaceful earth…the dogs at my feet. A Phoebe paid a visit to a bare branch of the fig tree next to the house…and serenaded me before winging off into the woods. At times, up in the sky, I spotted comets, with long wispy tails trailing behind (or, witches on broomsticks?)…and flying monkeys soaring in lazy circles…riding the thermals. For a while…it felt like I was in Oz. In reality, they may have only been airplanes, high in the stratosphere…and black vultures on patrol…but even that is enough magic for me. Today…I have the power.

Written by Jim

March 11, 2012 at 3:52 pm