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Lost in space

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It’s been quite a sight the last few nights. Jupiter and Venus in the west…a full moon above…and Mars in the east. If I draw an imaginary arc, starting from where the sun set…and draw it through Venus…then Jupiter…then through the moon…and finally over to that reddish dot in the east that is Mars…I can start to visualize the solar system. It then takes on an almost three dimensional appearance…and the sheer vastness and immensity of it all becomes apparent. The planets are no longer just bright dots in the darkness…but integral parts of the whole system…revolving about the same center…the star that we call the sun. It’s an awesome sight…and after a while…a bit disconcerting to realize where we are in the greater scheme of things.

After gazing up at this vertiginous spectacle…I have to look away and once again ground myself. I head back inside…fill the tea kettle with water…and make some hot chocolate. Back to the real world…or, at least, what I think is real.

Written by Jim

March 7, 2012 at 9:04 pm