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Strange currents

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…flow through our lives. The people we meet through casual encounters…or what we think are casual encounters. Who are we really…where have we been…where are we going. This entwinement has always been on my mind…that we’re part of a fabric that is being woven…a tapestry of sorts…for what purpose…and with what end in mind? And the strangest part of it is…that  the grand view…what the beholder of this immense tapestry perceives…is, for the most part, unbeknownst to us…a mystery. We think we have a good idea of our past history…and where we’re going…but do we really?

I watched an interesting film this weekend called Anonymous. An imaginative revision of history…basically dealing with who William Shakespeare really was…or who he wasn’t. But the intricate web that it wove of English royalty, and the effect that mere words might have on the outcome of a civilization was thought-provoking…to say the least. It was a very beautiful film…evocative of the age…and I had to watch it several times before the story line became clear. The undercurrents of what was…and what might have been…sets the mind reeling about our own personal lives. How much of our understanding of our lives…and the people we’ve lived with, and interacted with on a daily basis…has any solid basis in reality? How much of it is mere playacting?  And…do we really have a grasp on the plot?

Even something mundane, such as looking down at my two Pomeranians…sleeping at my feet…takes on new meaning. Do I even have a glimmer of the forces of history that have enabled them to grace my life in such a simple manner? They probably have more royalty in their blood lines than I could ever hope for… being descended from working sled dogs of the Arctic regions, and being bred for royalty in Poland, Germany, and later in England.

How much more so…the people that come into our lives…however briefly. There’s a depth of being here that’s difficult to comprehend. But it needs to be taken seriously…lest we miss something…or someone…that might change our lives forever.

Written by Jim

February 11, 2012 at 2:51 pm

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