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Our fair state is being invaded over the next ten days. Men…some ruthlessly…jockeying for position in a race…seeking the approval of people…a lot of whom are just struggling to make a living. All of this seemed so important at one time. It probably still is…and I’ll be casting my vote when the time comes.

But tonight…standing outside in the cold night air…clear after heavy rain showers passed through all dreary day long. Looking up into the pitch black dome above…studded with stars. There’s Orion…dominating the sky. The fuzzy patch of the Pleides, the seven sisters…directly overhead. And there’s brilliant Jupiter…shining bright.

Two years ago, Sharon gave me a telescope for Christmas. She said she couldn’t think of a better gift than the universe. Just before Christmas, a year ago, I took it out on the front porch and found Jupiter…and called her out and showed her the two tiny specks of light, one on either side of the planet. Two of the moons of Jupiter.  We stared in disbelief and were amazed…a first for us both.

Tonight…when I look up into the vast reaches of space…at the myriad stars and planets overhead…almost feeling their awesome presence, though so far away…the subtle rush of the wind passing through the pines…the lonely bark of a dog far off in the distance…everything else is put in proper perspective. The stillness…the peacefulness…overwhelms it all…and I see things in a different light now.

Written by Jim

January 11, 2012 at 9:09 pm

Posted in Musings, Nature

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