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Happy New Year

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Today…this last day of the year…was as beautiful as they come here in the Carolinas. A cloudless blue sky…temperature in the low 70s. I woke up early and drove Tinker into town to see the vet for a nagging cough she’s been having. The doctor gave her some antibiotics and antihistamine pills for her congestion. Since he had a hard time getting her to open her mouth to take a look at her throat, he asked me if I was able to give her pills. I then told him about my fool-proof pill ‘delivery system’ that I use with the dogs, which consists of taking an olive (the green ones with pimentos inside), and sticking the pill inside with the pimento. He gave me a quizzical look, and asked, incredulously, “She’ll eat olives?” I think I saw a light bulb go on over his head. Tinker, as well as Belle, will eat practically anything you give them. Carrots…onions…garbanzo beans…even lettuce. I do watch what they eat (no people food usually)…although I need to put both of them on a diet.

It’s been a slow week, with lots of time for reflection on the past year, and on what the future may hold in the coming new year. Maggie Ross, in her blog Voice in the Wilderness, sums up this ‘In Between’ time of year very well when she recently wrote:

“Along with the earth’s solstice, we have the opportunity between Yule and the New Year to take a deep breath, not just to add up our taxes, acknowledge our sins and failings, rejoice in the goodness of life and love, and give thanks—in spite of the horrors of human culture disintegrating around us—but also to learn to wait without anticipation or projection.”

I’m taking a very deep breath after the events of this past year…and am trying to get better at waiting…simply living in the present moments that are freely given to each of us every day.

Belle and Tinker

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year!

Written by Jim

December 31, 2011 at 6:43 pm

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