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This Christmas is going to be a bit different. Part pilgrimage…part family visit. Traveling familiar roads…seeing familiar places…but this time alone. My first destination will be the oldest city in the country…St. Augustine, Florida. It’s a favorite place of mine, having first made its acquaintance nearly forty years ago when I was in the Navy, stationed in Jacksonville. There are not many towns on this continent where you can stroll down narrow streets almost five hundred years old. Sharon and I spent a wonderful Christmas there several years ago…wandering the streets in the chilly darkness…and at one point popping into the old Cathedral Basilica where Mass was being celebrated…to warm up. I plan to spend this Saturday evening…Christmas Eve…in the Cathedral. Staying a little longer this time…and for different reasons. Then…Christmas morning…crossing the Florida peninsula to the Gulf Coast to visit Sharon’s mother, and our son Beau. This year has been hard on them too…I’m sure.

It’s going to feel different this time…I’m certain of that too. I think what I’ll miss the most is having someone to share the experience with. In a way…I’ll have come full circle back to the beginning…but surely with a lot of good memories of the journey…and of my traveling companion…whom I was graced to have accompany me for much too short a time.

Written by Jim

December 21, 2011 at 7:28 pm

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