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In thin places

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It’s been said that there are thin places on this earth…where the membrane between this world and the next is so thin that we can become aware of some otherworldly presence seeping into our ordinary, mundane world. It’s a nice thought…that our loved ones who have passed might be closer than we think. Not somewhere out there… up there…in heavenly places millions of miles away…but maybe right here…in some other dimension that is co-located with our own.

Sharon and I used to enjoy some very simple things…like grabbing a cup of coffee and a biscotti from the local 7-Eleven, and driving to the nearby beach in Capitola, where we would sit in the evening looking up at the night sky…spotting our favorite constellation of stars…Orion…hanging over the dark wildness of Monterey Bay. It was easy at the time to forget our everyday cares for a while.

More recently, when I take the dogs out in the cool, early morning darkness before I head out to work…I stand and look up at the bright stars in the silence…at Orion slowly wheeling overhead…and wonder…are you that far away…or are you closer than I can even imagine. I’m still struggling with those thoughts…

Years ago, when I was in University, I became aware of certain days that had a qualitative difference about them. At the time, I used to call them cosmic days…where there was a palpable peacefulness…and a simple is-ness to the day that couldn’t quite be explained. Everything just seemed…well, right. Since then, I’ve occasionally had the same feeling. Last weekend in particular…vibrant, cool autumn days…the wind blowing through the trees…everything seemingly in its place…and simply being what it was meant to be.

The presence of the Holy Spirit…or whatever we wish to call it? The thinning of the membrane between this world and the next? I’m just not sure. I only know that it’s real…whatever it is…and I’m longing for the breakthrough where it becomes permanent…and never-ending.

Written by Jim

October 7, 2011 at 7:28 pm

Posted in Grieving, Musings, Spiritual

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  1. Very very interesting. I have sometimes felt a presence. I was at the time pregnant, but did not know I was pregnant – I realised the timing later on. I was 3 months pregnant, not knowing. I lived in a tiny bedsitter in Perth, Australia, 3000 kilometres from family, but anyway didn’t have strong family relations. I was desperately depressed, this had lasted days. I wanted to end my constant pain, struggle. I sat on the floor, a razor blade to my wrist. I began to cut, and then I got A FEELING. IT FELT LIKE SOMEONE WAS STANDING NEXT TO ME SAYING ‘DON’T DO THAT. YOU DON’T KNOW WHY JUST YET, BUT YOU WILL: DON’T DO IT’. It’s as if those words were communicated to me somehow. I felt the presence very strongly. My flat was no longer empty – ‘something’ was there, and it was loving. Can’t forget that.


    October 7, 2011 at 8:13 pm

    • There’s definitely something going on here that’s hard to comprehend. Thank you for sharing your thoughts…and your experience. It’s also mind boggling to think that whatever ‘presence’ touched you…has now…in some wonderful way…fleetingly touched my life through your response.


      October 7, 2011 at 8:55 pm

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