Notes from the Waxhaws

Subtle beauties

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Today was simply…luminous. Arrived back home late last night. The second leg of my journey back from southern California…Houston to Charlotte…during the twilight gloaming…was beautiful. Slowly drifting over the gulf states…a blood red ribbon of light on the western horizon…between the deep blackish blue above, and the dark misty grey below…lights of civilization turning back the approaching darkness. The Mississippi river…serpentine…almost metallic…flowing south to the Gulf.
Circling the Queen City on our final approach…home again.
This morning…cold…quiet…just wind gently rustling the leaves in the trees. The crisp, dry leaves of autumn…with a tinge of color.
Took a short drive to pick up the girls at the kennel. When we turned onto our dirt and gravel road, Belle started yapping unrelentingly…she was glad to be back home too.
Today was a good day to ‘stop and smell the roses’. We spent a large part of this cool Autumn day sitting on the porch…occupied with weighty matters…like the distinction between partly sunny and partly cloudy skies…and gazing out on the subtle beauties of wildflowers.


Written by Jim

October 1, 2011 at 7:00 pm

Posted in Musings, Nature, Travel

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