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In our living room there’s an old steamer trunk…has to be over a hundred years old. It belonged to my grandparents…Frank and Sophie. They packed all their earthly belongings in it when they made the journey from Poland to the new world in the early 1900’s …passing through Ellis Island…eventually beginning a new life in Chicago. It must have taken an enormous leap of faith to leave everything and everyone else behind…and start off on an adventure that I can’t even begin to imagine what it must have been like to live through.


More recently, the trunk has been our memories and keepsake box. Over the years, Sharon and I have been stuffing any kind of memorabilia that we’ve acquired into this trunk. Photos, souvenirs, tickets…birthday and anniversary cards. We had been planning to sort through this stuff  ‘one of these days’.

I finally worked up the nerve the other day to crack the lid and take a quick peek inside. On top was the last anniversary card that I gave to Sharon…and a photo of her…taken at the Luxor hotel in Las Vegas, about ten years ago. This was our ‘getaway’ place when we lived in California. Not that we were into gambling, or any of the usual seductions that Vegas had to offer. We just enjoyed the atmosphere of the place…the very thought of staying in a pyramid…riding the ‘Inclinator’ up to our room…looking out over the landscape of that desert city at night.

SharonLuxorIt’s funny…I don’t think my grandparents could have ever imagined what their little trunk would contain over the years, or the peregrinations that it would take…across the Atlantic…to Chicago…to California…to Florida…to California (again)…to Florida (again)…to North Carolina…to South Carolina. It leaves me wondering…where to next?

Tomorrow will be seven months…although I’m not sure at what point I should stop counting. It brings to mind an old saying…I think it’s Buddhist…or Hindu…I’m losing track these days…

The past is but a dream,

the future…a vision.

Look well to this day,

For it, and it alone…is life.

Written by Jim

August 21, 2011 at 4:40 pm

Posted in Grieving, Musings

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