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Come to the dance

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I felt extremely blessed today…sitting out on the front porch this afternoon…100 degree heat pressing palpably on my skin…a gentle breeze whispering through the trees all around me…dazzling white cumulus clouds slowly making their stately way from west to east, crossing a deep blue sky…dragonflies flitting through the air while birds darted among the trees, singing their presence into the world. A magnificent show…just for me…the world dancing before my eyes.

I was reading Christ Plays in Ten Thousand Places, by Eugene Peterson. He was describing Perichoresis, a Greek word for dance, as a metaphor for the Trinity…the Father (creation), the Son (salvation), and the Holy Spirit (blessing)…locked in an everlasting embrace of loving relationship…that now includes us. It set me thinking. This life…how we live it…is a mysterious, never-ending dance…a slow, flowing, very beautiful dance of which we’re not always mindful. Our partners change…some we dance with for a very long time, and we’re sad when we feel that tap on our back, and have to give up our turn. Then there are others, who come into and out of our lives, for a brief spin on the floor. But, all of our partnerships are meaningful…and purposeful in the greater choreography of this grand dance…our loving spouses…the person we give a hug to at church…the “chance” encounter with someone asking for a handout at the gas station…or a fellow sojourner that we meet on the internet.

We’re all being asked to participate in the dance…given an invitation…freely given…with no strings attached. Of course, we’re also given the option to “sit it out” if we want to…but…why would we? Come to the dance…it’s only just beginning.

Written by Jim

July 24, 2011 at 4:36 pm

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