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The sound of rain

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There’s a cold front moving through the Carolinas this evening. It’s been so dry here the past week that the thunderstorms are breaking up as they slip down from the mountains. There’s an occasional rumble in the distance…a low moaning as the storms lose their strength. All that remains is the soft, gentle, steady rain. The sound of rain is so elemental…so pure…masking all the other night sounds. Even the tree frogs are silent. I can imagine them alert…and leaning into the wetness falling from above…being revitalized so they can endure the next dry spell that will surely come along.

Listening to the rain on a quiet country evening. It’s a true meditation for me…clearing my mind of all the noisy thoughts that have accumulated during the day.

The sound of rain. It doesn’t have a meaning…no interpretation nor explanation. I like the quote of a Zen master (as related by Alan Watts)…“The sound of rain needs no translation.”


Written by Jim

June 15, 2011 at 10:02 pm

Posted in Musings, Nature

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