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This day is almost over…darkness has fallen…the house is quiet. The dogs are already asleep…Tinker in her usual spot under the bed…Belle on the rug in the bathroom.  The crickets are serenading me tonight. I haven’t heard the mockingbird singing during the night for quite a few days, which I think means he’s finally found a mate.  Even though it’s peaceful and quiet throughout the house, there are still echoes at times…

I remember my first day at work after Sharon died. As my computer started up, the instant messenger program indicated that I had a new message. It was from Sharon, sent after I had left work the day before her last…”Are you still there?” I sat and stared at that echo for quite a while.

A few weeks later, I received a phone call from the eye doctor’s office, confirming an appointment  that apparently Sharon had made for me.

And then there were the TV programs that she had scheduled to be recorded on the DVR. One day, the movie “Gladiator” (one that she knew was a  favorite of mine) showed up on the list of recorded programs. So…I sat down and watched it again. The scene at the end when Maximus dies is, for me, very moving and beautiful…I have to fight back the tears every time I see it. I thanked her for this little ‘echo’ of thoughtfulness.

In two days, it will be four months…and I miss her greatly.

Written by Jim

May 20, 2011 at 10:35 pm

Posted in Grieving

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