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Dropped the dogs off at the kennel this morning (I think they enjoy going to the doggie spa for a few days), filled the car up with gas, and headed north. The plan is to visit the highlands of southwest Virginia for a couple of days, in the shadow of the Blue Ridge mountains. I chose a destination that neither Sharon nor I had ever been to…somewhere entirely new…without any shared memories to haunt me. I know…that probably sounds weird, but I think I just need to start seeing the world from a fresh perspective.

One thing I noticed…that north of Charlotte…there were a lot of signs along I-77 for vineyards and wineries. The rolling hills are a bit reminiscent of the wine country…Napa and Sonoma…in California. I briefly toyed with the idea of getting off the highway and taking a tour, but decided that would be another trip for another time.

Near the Virginia border, my first destination was Mt. Airy, North Carolina. Mt. Airy…rhymes with Mayberry…turns out to be the boyhood home of Andy Griffith, and supposedly his inspiration for the fabled little town where he and Barney ran the local constabulary. Well, the locals of Mt. Airy have taken that idea and run with it, turning it into a veritable cottage industry. Walking through town, I was beginning to suspect that Aunt Bea would round the corner at any moment. As I strolled up to a street intersection, there was a group of elderly white-haired ladies standing and waiting for the crosswalk signal to indicate that it was now permissible to venture across the side street. There wasn’t a single car in sight, but they were debating whether or not to cross anyway. I heard one of them say in a timid voice, “Oh…I don’t know…Barney might arrest us.” Not wanting to risk it, I decided to wait until the Walk signal gave its approval.

After completing my original mission in Mt. Airy…seeing the Snappy Lunch, and finding a ‘Pink Floyd’ (no, not that Pink Floyd) T-shirt that I’ve long coveted…I was on the road again, headed for my lodging in Marion, Virginia…the historic General Francis Marion Hotel.


Written by Jim

May 13, 2011 at 8:13 pm

Posted in Travel

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  1. Look at you…posting on the fly! Love that Snappy Lunch; my kind of place! Don’t get too crazy!. lol


    May 14, 2011 at 1:19 am

    • Patti…you’ve helped to create a blogging monster…I do love my new iPhone :)


      May 14, 2011 at 5:31 am

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